A day in the life of Dr Andrew Barr

Dr Andrew has been a highly valued Veterinary Surgeon in our team for 10 years. He has had an expansive career since graduating from the University of Melbourne in 1987 and has worked in many small animal practices across the United Kingdom, Melbourne and here with us on the Sunshine Coast! Dr Andrew has just gotten back from an innovative surgical conference whereby he is able to keep up to date with new surgery techniques and procedures. He thrives in a surgery room and has a keen interest for orthopaedic procedures.

A day in the life of Dr Andrew Barr

Dr Andrew starts his day off by walking his Papillon "Rogue" down at his local beach. He gets to work at 8am and starts his workday off by admitting some of his surgical patients for the day. Andrew works closely with two of our Veterinary Nurses throughout the day and between the 3 of them, they conduct hospital rounds and plan their procedures. Dr Andrew usually operates on about 6 patients per day, ranging from desexings, soft tissue surgery, dentals and orthopaedic operations. Our nurses absolutely love working alongside him and they love to see their patients recovering comfortably in their heated beds.

Once Dr Andrew's patients are recovered and are being looked after by their team of nurses, Andrew heads off on lunch for a well-deserved break! He can usually be found in BCF or Bunnings in this time getting ready for his weekends spent renovating his house or off on the boat doing some offshore fishing. His afternoon consults start by 2:30pm, he sees many of his clients in this time and helps the team look after any medical cases and unwell pets that are brought in for the remainder of the day. 6pm is finish time and it calls for a red wine and BBQ dinner at home with his wife.

Dr Andrew works with us full-time, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please phone us on 5445 2288 if you'd like to book an appointment with him!