X-ray and Radiology

Radiographs (X-rays) are extremely important for accurate diagnosis and ruling out causes of certain diseases. Our vet clinic has skilled professionals who are able to use this technology to find the best solutions to your pet’s condition, often with near immediate results.

The main use of radiology is to determine if your pet is suffering an internal disease such as bone fractures, abnormal pathologies or lung disease. The veterinarian will then read the radiographs in order to diagnose any abnormalities. Radiology is based around the concept of diagnosing a disease in real-time to treat it fast and effectively.

Having x-ray facilities in clinic allow us to investigate and diagnose animal injuries and health problems quickly, a great benefit when sometimes time is of the essence, particularly in emergency situations. This is convenient for you as your pet can have all treatment done at the one location and also means our patients are given the best opportunity for recovery.

Our digital x-ray developer is super-fast and intelligent, providing near instant results and detailed and clearer images for better diagnosis.

We are also equipped with a dental x-ray unit. This equipment enables us to view what is happening beneath the gum line, and have a much clearer indication for issues such as tooth root abscesses, fractured teeth, tumours and broken roots.


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